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Safe and Comfortable – 100% Natural Latex Foam Mattresses

As confusing as it probably sounds it’s actually quite simple and easy to understand. When 100% Natural Latex is used in mattresses it is not cheap enough for it to be a common filling in any type of mattress. The cost of this type of material for manufacturers is still reasonably high and Nem cao su Van Thanh   that is then shown in the selling price. As a feasible alternative, 100% natural latex is combined with various other elements to create products which offer a small compromise in its quality but are offered at a much more reasonable price.

The breakdown for what each of these terms mean is as such:

100% natural latex – It has ultimate quality and therefore a high price tag. It comprises of 2% additives and 98% natural latex.

Natural latex – It has must always contain a minimum of 80% natural latex.

Pure latex – It has to contain a minimum of 20% natural latex.

To make this plain and simple, these remain the bare minimum quantities allowed into each type. Common pure latex in mattresses will comprise about at minimum of 40% natural latex completed with a combination of artificial latex paired with fire-retardant modules.

There is no need at all to worry about what type of latex has been used in the production of this type of mattress, but there are a select few latex providers and the general quality is usually assumed to be of a high standard when it may not be. Also there may be the odd rogue salesman who will try to claim that the latex used in their mattresses are 100% natural latex when the likelihood is it most definitely won’t be.

The depth of the latex used within any of these mattresses is far more important than what type of latex it is. Another majorly important factor to keep in mind is whether the latex is just used as a covering sheet or just simply placed in a central area. When choosing latex mattresses these things must be put Into consideration.

There is two ways latex may possibly be used within the creation of any mattress:

– It may be used as a sheet of solid latex.

– It may be used generally as a comforting layer on a sprung mattress.

If a mattress contains a key comfort layer of latex it must be a minimum of 3- 5cm in order to be at all beneficial to the user. The weight of a body has to be able to drop into the mattress adequately enough to leave the under layers to give the extra required support. If used with body-contoured foam or any other quality padding on pocketed springs then the importance will be on a comfort preference the height could be as little as 2.5cm (1″).


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